you are in the late 1850s in our Old West Saloon. Men feel as if they are in the time period by dressing as a cowboy, lawman or Gambler. The women have a sassy look, as Saloon Gals, in corset dresses or the SOPHISTICATED Miss Kitty look. Kids love this scene as well because they get to hold props fitting of the era.



Any group larger than six people, we suggest the Saloon Time period. It is what typically looks the best because the saloon has enough space for everyone to be comfortable, which makes for an even better photo. We also have the most costumes and props to ACCOMMODATE that setting. We have even photographed groups up to 25 people in the Saloon Scene. 


Our Saloon scene is perfect for large groups who want to have a great time! if you have an upcoming BACHELOr or bachelorette part, this is the perfect place to capture your memories. birthdays are also fun here, for all ages. in this scene it gives the birthday boy/girl the spotlight they deserve on their big day!